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About Us

Research is our passion.

Helping clients improve their customer complaint experience is our purpose

Combining our passion with our purpose – that’s why we launched The Research Locker! We know how painful a complaint experience can be for some customers – we only have to think of our own experiences to confirm that sentiment – but we looked around the market and no-one else was specialising in helping firms improve the customer complaint experience by determining what customer pain points existed, where the exist and what might done to apply some much needed ‘pain relief’.

So, we decided to combine our skills, expertise and research capabilities to launch the UK’s first research agency dedicated to helping clients:

•  Better understand the customer complaint journey – from the customer perspective

•  Appreciate how Effort and Emotion during a complaint experience can impact customer loyalty and future intended behaviour

•  Recognise where customer ‘pain points’ exists and how removing or reducing them can enhance the customer complaint experience

•  Continually track their complaint handling performance and how it (and the customer experience) increases as a result of improvement initiatives


Scott Davidson