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What You Can Expect

In terms of what clients can expect from The Research Locker, we use a variety of visual communication ‘tools’ to communicate research results, aid understanding and allow informed business decision-making to take place:


We’ve already discussed Customer Journey Mapping earlier – and you can find more info here, but just to recap:

• We use customer journey map to deliver a very illustrative, yet structured, visualisation of the current ‘as is’ customer complaint experience.

• Map will depict on which channels complainants interacted with your organisation so as to create the “journey” – an engaging story based on their experiences.

• Journeys and supporting stories are used to convey not only the interactions but also the effort potentially exerted by customers to raise and resolve their complaint as well as the emotions resulting from interactions and their impact on future customer loyalty.

View our customer journey mapping here.


We love a good story at The Research Locker – stories are emotive, they help people make sense of things, they help people learn!

We believe storytelling is a terrific tool to help share research results and key messages to our clients and stakeholders across their business. Why? Because like us, people are attracted to stories and, because we are social creatures and like to share and relate to others, stories have been used for thousands of years to share important messages.

Storytelling is now widely accepted as a strategic business tool – organisations are now harnessing its power to change the attitudes and behaviour of its customers … and their staff too! Successful stories typically focus on one important idea and seek to make an emotional connection with its target audiences.

As researchers, we love data – but quantitative data and its analysis isn’t everyone’s cup of tea … it doesn’t always inspire them to act in the way we would wish. Stories, with your business objectives or vision at its core, can help spark imagination in your people and motivate them to help you deliver your goals.


Infographics are a fantastic method to convey research data and can convey complex topics in an easily readable, digestible and visual manner. Like Customer Journey Mapping, infographics are an effective means of communicating important information across your business in a visual, attracting attention and informing the workforce.

Infographics are also “social”, i.e. people tend to share them with others, and this can lead to information being shared on a wider basis. Host them on your website, share them on your social media channels, include in a press release, create posters and display them in your contact centre(s) and / or branch network. Infographics are a great way to get your message out there!


Nowhere is storytelling more effective and engagement than through the medium of film. As a society, video is becoming more and more common-place in our everyday lives as we share our experience and stories with others – both good and bad.

Think Youtube and the singer / songwriter who had his prized guitar broken by United Airlines – after seeking damages and being refused by the airline, the singer wrote a song entitled “United breaks guitars”. What happened next was a brand reputation nightmare … the video was uploaded onto Youtube and went viral – when the video reached 150,000 views, United Airlines offered the disgruntled customer payment to remove the video but the customer refused, Several weeks later and the video had over 10m views, news channels had picked up on the “sensation” and the story went global.

But video can also be used for business objectives too. In 2015, a campaign by Volkswagen saw a trio of their commercials achieve a combined total of 155 million views! The common dominator between Volkswagen and the disgruntled United Airlines customer? Shareability, i.e. their videos engaged and were shared by others.

At The Research Locker, we believe that video can also be used to effectively engage with your staff and customers. We have the capability to transform your data into a short, informative video which you can share with across your organisation and beyond!

Click on the link below for an example of our video capability: [INSERT LINK]