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Who We Are

Research is our passion.

Improving Customer Experience is our purpose.

The opportunity to combine our passion and our purpose – that’s why we launched The Research Locker!


We know how painful poor Customer Experiences can be – and how they can negatively impact future behaviour – so we decided our mission would be to help organisations improve their Customer Experience so that they could enjoy repeat custom and grow loyalty & advocacy … and, at the same time, make things a little better for customers everywhere!


We help our clients:

•  Better understand the Customer Experience – from the customer perspective and across the entire end-to-end journey;

•  Recognise how Effort and Emotion experienced can impact future customer behaviour, particularly customer loyalty and advocacy;

•  Establish where customer ‘pain points’ exist within the Customer Experience, where opportunities for improvement exist, and the likely impact of such improvements;

•  Measure Customer Experience over time, including but not limited to establishing the impact of improvement initiatives.

We work as an extension of your team.

With 20+ years experience from working in Market Research agencies and client-side Insight roles, we’ve spent most of our working lives advising companies on how to better get to know their customers (and target audiences) and optimise their value.


We’ve worked across many industry sectors, though largely in Financial Services – we don’t think this is such a bad thing as the Financial Services industry is one which has absolutely had to change the way it treats and interacts with its customers … so we’ve lots of knowledge we can bring to our clients and help shortcut their learning.


We are very hands-on in our approach – it means we work collaboratively with our clients and act as an extension of their team. We love face-to-face and advocate regular progress updates (if proximity allows).

Scott Davidson, Customer Experience & Market Research professional.

Scott Davidson