Scotland’s newest Market Research agency comes to Ayrshire

Scotland’s newest Market Research agency comes to Ayrshire

The Research Locker is Scotland’s newest research agency – helmed by a 20+ year Market Research veteran, The Research Locker has a specialist focus on helping clients improve their Customer Experience so as to aid customer retention, loyalty & advocacy. Such benefits have been proven to deliver sustainable, profitable growth to those who invest in critical Customer Experience areas such as Leadership, Brand Values, Employees & Customers.

The Research & Insight industry is constantly changing. At The Research Locker, we use primary qualitative & quantitative research to collect customer data and generate actionable insight. For our clients, this means we give them insight they need to make informed business decisions, reducing risk and optimising return on investment.

Our team of experts have been in this industry for more than twenty years and have worked in both agency and client-side roles – giving them a unique perspective of both how an agency operates in order to design, deploy & deliver research properly deployed, but also an understanding of what client expectations are, their need to manage internal stakeholders and ensuring any results delivered are done so with maximum business impact. We believe this is our USP, but our Purpose is to ensure our clients get the best return on their research spend and that our insight helps them to move their businesses forward.

Over the years, the scope, tactics & methodologies used within the industry have continued to evolve – from post to telephone to online and not to mobile. We continuously stay up to date with the changes in our industry and have moved evolved our offering over time. This means we can offer clients exemplary Research & Insight services.

Our Research & Insight services span across a variety of industries and business types in Ayrshire. So, regardless of the industry sector you operate in, our experience can improve your customer/target audience understanding and allow you to better deliver against expectations.

How long does it take?

All research we design and deploy is created in a bespoke manner so we best meet your requirements, budget and deadlines. Projects can run from a matter of days to several months.

Or, if you are after something of a more ongoing nature, we can design and deploy performance measurement, Customer Satisfaction/Net Promoter Score or Employee Engagements studies for you.

Our Research & Insight Services

Our Research & Insight services include (but are not limited to):

  • Mystery shopping – is a tool used by organisations to measure the quality of service delivered, how well you comply with current (or future) regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services. The “shopper” is typically an independent contractor well-versed in customer service measurement & performance. Mystery shopping is typically used by organisations whose customers pay for a face-to-face, telephone or online service, including but not limited to pubs, restaurants, hotels, gyms, spas, retail outlets, etc.
  • Depth interviews – are a qualitative research technique that involves conducting intensive individual interviews, usually with a small number of respondents, to explore their perspectives on a particular idea, program, or situation. Depth interviews are also extremely useful for ‘deep diving’ an area of your business so as to really get ‘under the skin’ of any issues/problems/challenges and aid your understanding.
  • Focus groups – is typically a group of people assembled to participate in a discussion about a product or service before it is launched, or to provide feedback on creative content (e.g. advertising) before use. Focus groups are usually made up of 6-8 individuals who share a common characteristic or interest.
  • Online/Mobile-friendly surveys – is a questionnaire that the target audience can complete over the Internet. Online surveys are usually created as Web forms with a database to store the answers and statistical software to provide analytics. Being ‘mobile-friendly’ means that the online survey has been optimised so as to be readable on a mobile phone and allow the recipient to participate in the research. At The Research Locker, we have our own in-house programmer who will build any surveys according to your needs and/or our design.
  • Telephone surveys – are one of the survey methods used in collecting data either from the general population or from a specific target population, you’re your customers or specific customer segments. Telephone numbers are utilised by trained interviewers to contact and gather information from possible respondents. The Research Locker has a 60-seat CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) system which allows our experienced interviewers to follow a pre-agreed script and question flow as provided by our software platform.


How much does it cost?

The cost of our Research & Insight services really depends on your requirements and, of course, your budget. Generally, the more complex or large in scale your requirements, the more costly our services. But prior to any work being commissioned, we will discuss your requirements, explore the best options for you, then give you a tailored quote free-of-charge.

However, when it comes to cost, the best way to consider any Research outlay is how it compares to the overall size of your investment elsewhere – for the cost of Research, you allow yourself to reduce the risk of any larger investment as you would be making an informed decision based on customer or audience feedback. Surely that’s reassuring?


Get in touch …

If you have a business in Ayrshire and you are interested in our Research & Insight services, then please get in touch with our Co-Founder & Head of Research, Scott Davidson, on 07718 646 463 or email