Operational Assessments

How we use performance measurement

Once we have established what the current ‘as is’ customer complaint journey, what drives a good experience and engenders loyalty, we always promote the implementation of a performance measurement. Continuous measurement of performance is key if to improve your complaint handling performance and enhance the customer experience through making raising and resolving a complaint more effortless. Such performance measurement allows organisations to:

• Ensure progress is heading in the right direction
• Continue to identify customer pain points
• Continue to update action planning
• Measure the uplift associated with any improvement initiatives
• Report regularly to the business how Customer Effort has reduced while Customer Loyalty has increased

Typically, any performance measurement survey would be an abridged version of the earlier quantitative survey used – but the key driver analysis performed previously would be used to reduce the content and length of the survey so as to focus down on what is really important to the customer when attempting to raise and resolve a complaint.