Qualitative Research

When to use a Qualitative Research approach …

Qualitative research methodologies are best deployed when clients want a deeper understanding of customer attitudes, behaviours and experiences.


We use this exploratory approach to initially aid understanding as it adds richness as participants use their own words & expressions to describe their complaints experience. Typically, our qualitative framework is aimed at understanding the “What”, “How” and “Why” of the complaints experience. In addition, we also explore the softer, more emotional aspects associated with the experience (as well as the more rational, procedural aspects).

In terms of best practice qualitative research, we would advocate the use of:

• Face-to-face, telephone and / or online depth interviews
• Face-to-face or online focus groups
• Face-to-face co-creation workshops

While customers are at the centre of our qualitative efforts, we do – where appropriate – suggest clients also consider an employee element to the research, e.g. conducting contact centre or branch visits, talking to and observing complaint handling staff, interviews with complaint managers. Our experience tells us that understanding how to make the complaint handler experience more effortless, often translates as greater employee engagement and delivery of a better experience to customers. And sometimes, those in the front-line or back office are well placed to offer opinions and ideas as to how to make the customer experience better and more effortless.

Qualitative Research