We love a good story at The Research Locker – stories are emotive, they help people make sense of things, they help people learn!

We believe storytelling is a terrific tool to help share research results and key messages to our clients and stakeholders across their business. Why? Because like us, people are attracted to stories and, because we are social creatures and like to share and relate to others, stories have been used for thousands of years to share important messages.

Storytelling is now widely accepted as a strategic business tool – organisations are now harnessing its power to change the attitudes and behaviour of its customers … and their staff too! Successful stories typically focus on one important idea and seek to make an emotional connection with its target audiences.


As researchers, we love data – but quantitative data and its analysis isn’t everyone’s cup of tea … it doesn’t always inspire them to act in the way we would wish. Stories, with your business objectives or vision at its core, can help spark imagination in your people and motivate them to help you deliver your goals.